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KN95 Mask Distribution

January 10, 2022

Idaho State University has acquired a supply of KN95 masks for faculty and staff.  KN95 masks can filter up to 95% of particles in the air and are made to create an airtight seal around the user’s face; thus are more effective than cloth face coverings.  KN95s are disposable but can be reused multiple times safely by rotating their usage.   

Ordering KN95 Masks

Units and departments can order KN95 masks for interested employees through the Bengal Depot. Please submit departmental orders rather than individual orders to increase the speed of the distribution process.  To hasten the delivery of the masks for faculty and staff in Meridian and Idaho Falls, those units and departments located on those campuses will provide their mask requests to Patty Tryon and Ray Hart.  Patty and Ray will submit their campus’ requests and support the distribution of the masks for the units/departments.   Each package includes 5-10 masks, depending on the stock on hand and packaging.   After the initial distribution of KN95s, individual employees can order replacement masks directly from Bengal Depot.

Wear and Care of KN95 Masks

As stated above, KN95 masks are longer lasting than disposable surgical masks.  Employees should dispose of a KN95 when it is visibly dirty, has holes or tears, has damaged straps, or when the mask no longer covers their mouth and nose. You can find further information about the KN95 mask on the CDC website


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