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Idaho State University Meridian Clinics to Host Menopause Matters

August 8, 2022

The ISU-Meridian Community Clinics are now offering Menopause Matters—a unique program for women going through the menopause transition. The 12-week, Tuesday evening program offers an opportunity for women to learn about what to expect as they experience this normal stage of life.

“Women are often not aware of the full extent of biological changes that occur in the body with the menopause transition,” said Teresa Conner, PT, PhD, MBA, dean for the College of Health at ISU. “Menopausal hormonal shifts and decreased estrogen levels can cause anxiety and depression, memory and recall problems, disrupted sleep, reduced libido, unintentional weight gain, shifts in body fat distribution, reduction in muscle mass and bone density, and changes in body image,” she explains.
The Menopause Matters program hopes to help women manage that cascade of symptoms. The program includes weekly talks given by experts on topics such as hormones 101, nutrition needs, staying active, mood, anxiety, memory, and more. Menopause Matters also provides a forum for women to share common experiences and learn from one another. Optional fun activities are included such as learning to belly-dance.
“Participants also have the opportunity to make individual appointments with providers at the ISU-Meridian Community Clinics,” said Gabe Bargen, PhD, CCC-A/SLP, executive director for ISU-Meridian. “The clinics are part of ISU’s outreach in the Treasure Valley. Many also provide telehealth services for those in remote areas of the state.”
The Menopause Matters program is being co-sponsored by five of the ISU-Meridian Community Clinics—Counseling, Medication Therapy Management, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Primary Care. There are three additional clinics at the ISU-Meridian site: Dental, Speech and Language, and Integrated Mental Health.
The program will meet on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 8 p.m., September 6–November 29, at the ISU-Meridian Health Sciences Center (1311 E Central Drive). The cost is $600 per person. The program fee does not include the cost of individual appointments; health insurance and private pay are accepted for those visits. ISU-Meridian Community Clinics offer an income-based sliding scale discount. To register, call (208) 373-1734.


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