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Get Ready for Moodle 4.0

Beginning August 10, 2022, Moodle ISU will have a new personality with its upgrade to Moodle 4.0!

Faculty will be delighted by the new contemporary interface, intuitive navigation, and a redefined course experience that makes it easier to create and edit courses. Students will be able to focus on their courses and easily prioritize their course work.This upgrade includes features requested by ISU faculty and students. The improved user experience will quickly feel comfortable and intuitive.

Starting in August, training opportunities will be available through the Instructional Technology Resource Center (ITRC), so be on the lookout for helpful webinars, handy how-to videos, and tutorials. If you would like a taste of the Moodle ISU 4.0 update, you can enroll in the self-paced Setting Sail with Moodle training course.

To see more of the exciting changes to Moodle 4.0, check out the “What is Moodle 4.0?” video.


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