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Four Features for Moodle 4.0 Part Two

August 1, 2022

Starting August 10, 2022, Moodle ISU will be upgraded to the new Moodle 4.0. We are doing a four-part series to celebrate this exciting upgrade, featuring four new features in Moodle 4.0.

This week, we’re focusing on some of the exciting new navigation features that will make locating and navigating courses easier and more intuitive.

My Courses

It’s easier than ever to find your courses in Moodle ISU 4.0 with the dedicated My courses tab. You’ll no longer have to select a different page and scroll down to find your courses, and can easily find another course from the one you’re currently in using the My courses tab in the site navigation menu.

Course Index and Course Index Highlighting

Getting to any activity or section in your course is a simple click away in the new course index. Located in the left sidebar, the course index is a true table of contents for your course content, and only your course content. Highlighting lets you know exactly where you are in the course. And you can click on any activity or section title to go directly to that point in the course. 

Collapsable Sections/Weeks/Topics

One of the most requested navigation changes is finally available in Moodle 4.0! You can now easily collapse and expand sections in either the central area of the course or the course index in the left sidebar. Faculty and students won’t be frustrated that they have to either scroll endlessly or see only one section at a time.

Drag and Drop to Move

Drag and Drop has been radically redesigned in combination with the Course index to make moving activities and resources easier than ever. Rather than selecting an item and dragging it slowly up or down the page to move it to another section, you can now drag it directly to any section in the Course index to move it.

Additional Resources

Register for one of the Moodle ISU 4.0 Overviews offered via Zoom in August.

The ITRC has prepared a special sneak peek of the Moodle 4.0 update in Moodle ISU.

If you want to experience the updated Moodle ISU, you can enroll in the self-paced Setting Sail with Moodle training course. To see more exciting changes to Moodle 4.0, check out the “What is Moodle 4.0?” video.

Make an appointment with ITRC Staff to explore how to maximize the updates in your course.


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