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Call for Submissions - Orange, Black, and Grateful: Stories from ISU's Gratitude Challenge

February 10, 2022

Thank you again for your support of The Gratitude Challenge last fall, co-sponsored by the ISU Honors Program and the ISU Alumni Association. It was because of your support that we greatly exceeded our goal of writing and sharing 400 letters of gratitude during the month of September.

We now invite you to share your memories, stories, or messages of gratitude for submission to an upcoming book, titled Orange and Black and Thankful: Stories from the Gratitude Challenge. We are looking for submissions of anywhere from 100 to 2000 words, which could include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • If you are/were a student, was there a professor or faculty member who taught a course that you particularly liked or provided advice that was valuable? Similarly, was there a staff member who went out of their way to help you?
  •  If you are/were a faculty or staff member, who has contributed to enriching your time and work at ISU? 
  • Did you meet your partner or a lifelong friend at ISU?
  • Do you have great stories or special memories from particular classes or attending or participating in sports or activities, service projects, campus events, etc.?
  •  Who has made sacrifices on your behalf to help you to attend college – and how have you or would you wish to express your appreciation to them?
  •  If you were teaching, working at ISU, or attending classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, what from that experience were you grateful for?
  •  If you have a child who attends or has attended ISU, what about their experience are you grateful for?
  •  If you are an alumnus, what about your time at ISU or the connections you have maintained with the school and other alumni are you most thankful for?
  • If you are a resident of Pocatello/Chubbuck or any community in our region that has been positively affected by ISU, what are you most thankful for?
  • Other memories, stories, or even direct messages of gratitude. 

Please submit your stories, memories, or messages of gratitude to this link.  For more information about the Gratitude Challenge, please email us at isugratitude@gmail.com. By making a submission, you agree that: 

  • Your submission does not guarantee acceptance for publication or inclusion in the book. 
  • There is no payment for accepted submissions and, if accepted, your submission will become the property of the organizing committee. 
  • All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness, content, and style and those that are accepted will be subject to editing and revision by the editors. 
  • In case your submission is not included in the book, we will ask whether you would be willing to have your submission considered for a website of stories and memories of Idaho State University, hosted by the ISU Alumni Association.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this unique project! In this year of renewal, we are excited to bring together memories, stories, and messages of gratitude from the entire Idaho State University community.

The Gratitude Challenge Organizing Committee



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