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April Be a Bengal Recipients

May 16, 2022

Idaho State University began the Be a Bengal program in 2019 to honor employeesing working toward building a campus culture based on trust, compassion, stability and hope. 

April’s winners include: 

  • Virginia Barnett, English,Hope 
  • Will Wakley, Facilities, Stability
  • Ellen Ryan, Oboler Library, Hope 
  • Jared Anderson, Career Center, Stability 
  • Cara Liday, Pharmacy, Compassion 
  • Brenda Jacobsen, CTE, Compassion 
  • Ashley Fraens, TVAPL, Stability 
  • Sacha Johnson, ITRC, Hope 
  • Dana Gaudet, Student Services, Hope 
  • Cathy Oliphant, Pharmacy, Stability


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