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Help a Child Learn to Read

August 24, 2022

America Reads is looking for ISU students to become tutors to help elementary students learn to read. Tutors may volunteer time or be paid through work study if eligible.

America Reads tutors are vital in the community and can be placed at any school in Idaho. You do not need to be an education major to become a tutor. Non-education majors will be required to take the Tutoring Reading course in order to be trained in tutoring reading. After completing the training, students can work or volunteer for the program (through eligible work study) without signing up for the class. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming an America Reads Tutor, either as a volunteer or as a work-study, please contact Tannie Datwyler at tanniedatwyler@isu.edu or Michelle Schroeder at michelleschroeder@isu.edu if interested. A background check must be completed and passed.


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