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Book on Specialized Nuclear Reactors Edited by Idaho State Professor Published

October 7, 2022

Chad Pope headshot
Chad Pope

A book edited by an Idaho State University professor addressing some unique nuclear reactors is now in print.

Nuclear Reactors - Spacecraft Propulsion, Research Reactors, and Reactor Analysis Topics,” edited by Chad Pope, professor and chair of the nuclear engineering department, was recently published. The book details “information on the use of nuclear reactors for spacecraft propulsion, presents research conducted on reactors in Idaho and discusses reactor analysis topics such as cyber-informed engineering for nuclear reactor digital instrumentation and control, the effect of plenum gas on fuel temperature, and more.”

“This book offers detailed insight into some historically unique reactor designs which operated in Idaho and continue to operate,” said Pope. “In particular, this book provides detailed information on the Experimental Breeder Reactor II and the Transient Reactor Test Facility at Idaho National Laboratory.” 

The book features a chapter dedicated to Idaho State's own Aerojet-General Nucleonics nuclear reactor, more commonly known as AGN-201. The reactor is a low-power, 5-watt reactor used for academic and industrial research/experiments and various testing and training purposes. 

“The AGN-201 reactor offers tremendous flexibility for the hands-on teaching of students about reactor operation and reactor physics,” Pope said. “Students in the College of Science and Engineering’s Department of Nuclear Engineering as well as students from the College of Technology’s Energy Systems Nuclear Operations program both benefit from direct access to a nuclear reactor.”

Idaho State is one of only 25 universities in the nation with a nuclear reactor on campus.

For more information on ISU’s Nuclear Engineering Department, visit isu.edu/ne.


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