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Send Notes of Gratitude for Employee Appreciation Week

April 1, 2021

With Employee Appreciation Week coming to a close, we’d like to acknowledge the power of appreciation. Now is a great time to send a note of gratitude to the co-workers, colleagues, and work besties that have positively impacted you over the past year. We’ve created some email headers to make it easy to take a moment and send a fun and thoughtful note of gratitude to those you appreciate! 

Additionally, consider taking some time for your own self-reflection and ask yourself the following questions about gratitude. Here’s a printable template if you would prefer to write your responses down. 

  • What does gratitude mean to you? 
  • What is something that you are grateful for right now? 
  • How can you show gratitude through your unique and personal strengths?

Don’t forget, you can also express your appreciation by nominating the individuals who demonstrate outstanding acts of trust, compassion, stability and hope through the Be A Bengal program throughout the year.