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New Student Orientation Opportunities for Debrief, Volunteering, and Resource Fair

May 31, 2021

Many thanks to the ISU faculty and staff who have so willingly helped to make the first three New Student Orientation possible! Nearly 500 incoming first-year students participated in the NSO sessions held in the month of May.

Our season of NSO continues through August on the following dates:

  • Pocatello Session 4 (June 12-13)
  • Pocatello Session 5 (June 28-29)
  • Pocatello Session 6 (July 8-9)
  • Pocatello Session 7 (July 19-20)
  • Pocatello Session 8 (August 2-3)
  • Pocatello Session 9 (August 19-20)
  • Idaho Falls Session 1 (June 18) 
  • Idaho Falls Session 2 (June 23)
  • Virtual Twin Falls Session (August 12)

If you would like to volunteer with New Student Orientation for our upcoming essions, please visit our Faculty and Staff Volunteer Form. If your department has not yet signed up for the Campus Life Resource Fair during Pocatello NSO, and would like to do so, please visit our Resource Fair Sign-Up Form.

We invite interested Pocatello colleagues to join us for a Faculty/Staff Debrief of Pocatello Sessions 1-3, during which time we will gather valuable feedback to guide our programs for the remainder of the summer.

NSO Debrief of Pocatello Sessions 1-3

Tuesday, June 8 3:00 p.m. Zoom link 


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