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July Message from Academic Affairs

July 6, 2021

Greetings Faculty Colleagues,


In this month’s installment of Notes from Academic Affairs, we want to draw your attention to specific information related to our NWCCU University Accreditation visit that will take place in October 2021.  The Office of Academic Affairs has created several short documents with helpfulful information about this visit specifically for faculty.  This information is shared withinISU Today.  If you missed it, this month’s installment provides an overview of the new NWCCU Standard One. This standard highlights the institution’s commitment to student learning through various areas such as course content and rigor, appropriate admission and graduation requirements, effective assessment, General Education curriculum, facilitation of transfer and prior learning assessment, and the distinction between undergraduate and graduate curriculum.


Please take a moment to read this short article. We appreciate all you and your department or unit do to contribute to these important elements related to student learning.  You can find other Academic Affairs accreditation articles at https://www.isu.edu/accreditation/ that will help further explain this fall’s accreditation requirements.  


Thank you for everything you do to support our student-centered mission at ISU!


The Academic Affairs Team



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