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ISU Shared Leave Donations

May 10, 2021

After a surge of generous shared leave donations received in the beginning of 2021, the last of our donations was used this past pay period. With several employees still in need of donations, we would like to make employees aware of our Shared Leave Donation program should they have hours they would like to donate.

This program allows employees to transfer accrued leave to any eligible State employee for their use as paid sick leave when the employee has exhausted their leave balance and has a need for additional leave hours, in accordance with the State of Idaho’s Donated Leave Policy.  If you would like to donate, please keep in mind the following:

  • The donating employee must have at least 80 hours of vacation and sick balances AFTER the donation occurs, and can only transfer a total of 80 hours per fiscal year
  • Because the State of Idaho Donated Leave policy prohibits agencies from managing a “bank” of donated hours, your donated hours will remain in your accrued leave balance until an eligible recipient is identified and the hours can be transferred directly to that individual. Therefore, you may still see your hours reflected in your leave balances after your donation is submitted.
  • Donations will be used by employees in need based on the order in which they were received.

You have earned this time and are under NO obligation to donate. However, if you would like to participate in this program, please fill out the Shared Leave Donation Form

If you have any questions or know of employees in need of shared leave hours, please contact the HR Office at (208) 282-2517 or benefits@isu.edu for assistance.



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