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Idaho Museum of Natural History to Open New Exhibit May 29

May 24, 2021

The Idaho Museum of Natural History at on the Idaho State University campus opens a new exhibit, This is Idaho, on Saturday May 29.

This is Idaho celebrates the incredible natural world of the Gem State with the Museum’s collection of plants, animals and artifacts. The exhibit reveals the diverse landscapes across Idaho, and how life has adapted to these wild places over thousands of years. Exhibit highlights include original hand-made basketry, sagebrush clothing, unique fossils, and a colorful array of Idaho birds.

“Whether you’re from here or new to the state,” Museum Director Leif Tapanila said, “this exhibit has something for everyone to really fall in love with Idaho and connect to this place.”

Visitors will see all of Idaho’s official symbols, including the star garnet and the state fossil, the Hagerman horse -- there’s even a dig site for kids to find bones.

Another major point of interest at the exhibit are 40 watercolor paintings from Kate Brown, an Idaho State University senior Fine Arts major, who is bringing the wildflowers of the state to life in her paintings that will be placed throughout the museum.

“I was surprised by the variety we actually have,” Brown said. “We have a massive array of plants, colors and varieties. It goes to show you that beauty is everywhere and you just have to look for it.”