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Idaho I-Corps Ignite Faculty Summer Workshop

May 10, 2021

Dear Faculty and Graduate Students,
Are you working on research that is new and innovative?  Have you ever felt like your research might be the seed that could lead to entrepreneurial opportunity?  There is a new summer pilot program that may be of interest to any bidding entrepreneurs who are faculty, or graduate students, here at ISU.   The  new pilot program is being launched called  Idaho I-Corps Ignite Faculty Summer Workshop.  This program is designed to teach interested faculty and graduate students how to start their own business, and to seek funding opportunities for that company.  The  Idaho I-Corps Ignite Faculty Summer Workshop is being offered via Zoom jointly by BSU, U of I, and ISU with support from the CAES Center.  
On Tuesday next week, an information session via Zoom is being held at 10 am.  
Faculty and graduate students who are selected for the program may be awarded a stipend to participate.
If you have questions about the program, or the information session, please email Dan Cravens at: