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Faculty Spotlight/Appreciation

July 7, 2021

At the close of the spring semester, the Office of Student Affairs asked ISU students to give a shout-out to professors and instructors who have made an impact on their education and experience at ISU. Over the next four Issues of ROAR Weekly, we will highlight some of those professors and instructors in a “Professor Appreciation” series, as a thank you for all that they do to help our students achieve their academic goals.

Dr. Thomas Klein

Dr. Klein is passionate about his work with students and aiding them along with their college careers. He understands how intimidating and difficult to navigate college can be, so Dr. Klein does his best to make things easier by providing guidance and compassion for students who are struggling. “I love to help students because college is a crucial stage in life and students deserve the best treatment that we can provide,” Dr. Klein says.  He wants students to reach out and ask questions no matter how dumb they feel the questions might be because students don’t have the answers to everything, and that’s okay. Dr. Klein also wants students to be their best, and it shows.  When we asked what his advice was for students, it was to stay organized. It makes life a lot easier when you know where everything is located. 

Klein is originally from Ohio and is glad to be a part of ISU now. He enjoys discussing hobbies and interests with students, hiking, and running. However, Dr. Klein is highly focused on students’ success and simply enjoys sharing his advice and getting to know students. We asked, “What makes you feel appreciated?” and the most prominent memory would be students making handwritten notes. It is a strong sentiment that students were willing to sit down and write out their thanks. Dr. Klein is so proud of our school and loves being part of students as he positively impacts their lives.

Dr. Klein, we appreciate and recognize your efforts toward making this school the best it can be. Thank you!


Dr. Ralph Baergen

Dr. Baergen demonstrates a heartwarming tenacity for his work and student support. He was a first-generation student, so he understands the challenges of college life. Dr. Baergen is an enjoyable character, always ready with a joke and willing to sit down with his students. He demonstrates some of the best qualities of our school: passion, pride, and unity in our college community.

Dr. Baergen also enjoys the mixture of students from different backgrounds and knowledge. “It’s one of the best ways to learn,” he says. He also acknowledges students for lending him such a bright outlook. “We get students who face a lot of challenges and students who go above and beyond. There is such a mixture that it makes learning and teaching enjoyable.” Dr. Baergen enjoys his classes, research, and supporting his students. He goes above and beyond. 

He also ensures that his students are encouraged to grow and learn. As he encourages his students, “Ask your professors stuff. Send the email. Ask your question. Chances are that others have the same one.” Dr. Baergen wants his students to succeed and be prepared for any of life's situations. His desire to prepare his students for the medical field is uncompromising: “I want my students to be the right kind of people to be good clinicians.” He wants his students to acknowledge that the information he gives them is important and their dedication to learning just as important. It is abundantly clear that Dr. Baergen has a deep passion for teaching. His lighthearted jokes and joyful personality shine through as keeps students engaged with learning in his courses.

Dr. Baergen, ISU thanks you for your work and for creating such a great environment for learning! 


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