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Faculty Spotlight/Appreciation Week 3

August 4, 2021

Julie Frischmann, College of Business, Department of Marketing and Management

Julie Frischmann dedicates herself to her students and their growth within their lives. One of her biggest motivations for being such a wonderful educator is seeing the students grow.

“I love seeing students start their college career and learning how to navigate their college career as they become better people," Frischmann said.

She wants students to know that she is there for them regardless of whether they complete her course. She encourages them to reach out and ask questions, saying, “I am here for the long run.” 

Frischmann's advice to her students: “Be involved, and take advantage of every opportunity. It’s up to you to take the initiative and be involved.”

Alex Bolinger, College of Business, Department of Marketing and Management

Alex Bolinger has always enjoyed being on a college campus, having developed a deep love for the vitality of college life from an early age, when he accompanied his father who was working on a Ph.D. That early experience inspired an enthusiasm for becoming a teacher and working in a college setting. As an ISU alumni, he knows how great an ISU education can be, and he works hard to ensure that his students are given the best learning experience in his classes. 

Bolinger says that one of the reasons he really enjoys working with ISU students is because they have clear ambitions and are willing to overcome any obstacles that appear. He respects ISU students for all that they do in order to be in school or in his courses. He believes that, if students are overcoming these obstacles to be here and learn, he should also rise to the challenge of being the best he can be for them.

“I want to make sure every minute is worth their time,” Bolinger said. 

Bolinger advises students that they should “reach out to their professors and develop a working relationship”, as it can make a huge difference in learning. 




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