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Caller ID is Coming to Idaho State

February 1, 2021

ITS is excited to roll out Caller ID for all ISU campus phones in Pocatello, Meridian, and Idaho Falls. Once the system is fully in place, your phone will show the preferred first and last name of the person calling you for all calls coming from within ISU. If the number is from an ISU department, the department name will show up.

When will caller ID be live? You could be seeing some names on your phone now. Entering the names into the system is a manual process, which means that some names will be entered before others.

What name will show up? As part of our process, ITS will contact departments to coordinate which names are assigned to which phones. Your preferred name associated with your ISU account will display when you call someone, unless your desk phone is the main department phone. (Note: If you want to change your ISU account preferred name, click here for instructions

What about calls from off campus? The names of people calling you from off campus will not display on our phones, since that information belongs to outside phone service providers.

What if I need to change my Caller ID? If you need to change the departmental Caller ID that appears when you call someone, please use this Caller ID Change form

How many characters will display? Various phone models have differing limits on how many characters will display. If your phone will only display 17 characters, then Caller ID names longer than 17 characters will be automatically truncated on your display.

Questions? Contact IT Service Desk at 208-282-4357.


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