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ASISU Candidates Speak on Voting

February 26, 2021

What the ASISU president and vice president candidates have to say on voting :

Zane Webb and Ailie Maclean 

“Voting in competitive student elections such as the one coming up is very important. First, it is akin to voting in our democracy in that, if we want our voices and opinions heard, then we need to vote for the candidates who share the same or similar sentiments to us.. Secondly, it is important to vote because, when it comes to people's education, they have every right to be selfish. Voting for representatives should be a personal responsibility that allows students to pick someone they think would best represent their particular interests. Thirdly, student government can be a fantastic resource for making significant, beneficial changes on campus, but only if the student body engages with the organization. ASISU is meant to serve the student body, to work for all students at ISU.”


Chance Hense and Derek Odgers

“ISU students have inherent rights. Every student deserves to have their values and culture represented on campus as well as having their voice heard. The students' background--who they are, where they came from, and their aspirations--will be celebrated and encouraged on campus because of the people that they voted for. The perspective of the student must be expressed and accounted for in the case of any adversity. In such a case of tuition increase or a major change to campus life, there needs to be reasonable justification by the school, which can be argued for or against by those the students who have elected into office. Without voting, the individual student's voice can not be expressed through someone that they believe in. “


Rachel Jensen and Brandon Reid

“I think it is really important for students to take the time to vote. This past year has been difficult for all of us. Having the opportunity to elect someone who can help make ISU the best place to go to school in Idaho is critical. The students who are elected for office are the spokespeople for all students at ISU. Take the time to research the candidates, ask them questions and then make an informed decision. A lot of ISU elections in the past have been decided by just a few votes. So every vote matters!”



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