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Accreditation Update

January 25, 2021

Idaho State University is scheduled to complete its Year 7 accreditation re-evaluation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) in Fall 2021. In 2020, the NWCCU rewrote its standards. As a result, the NWCCU now has a Year 6 report that focuses on university governance and a Year 7 report that evaluates student achievement, student learning outcomes, and institutional effectiveness. 

Both self-study reports are due on August 4 to the NWCCU for review, and the Year 7 site visit is scheduled for October 5-7. The NWCCU anticipates that travel restrictions due to COVID-19 will be lifted, and our University will undergo a typical site visit event. The Year 7 site visit will require select faculty, staff, and students to participate in open forum conversations to discuss the team’s findings and answer their questions.    

Currently, Idaho State’s Year 6 report is undergoing final internal reviews and updates. Members of the Accreditation, Assessment, and Academic Program Review Subcommittee are drafting the Year 7 self-study. The members are also working with deans, chairs, and faculty members to finalize some of the standards’ requirements.

Once completed, the subcommittee will submit the completed reports to the Leadership and Administration Councils for review and approval. Both reports will be available on the University’s accreditation website once approved and sent to the NWCCU. University leadership will announce the completion of the report so faculty, staff, and students can have an opportunity to review the documents. For more information regarding the self-study reports, please contact Joanne Tokle at or Darren Blagburn at


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