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Student Heather Ann Larsen Named Idaho State University Commencement Speaker

December 16, 2021

The road to graduation can be long. For Heather Ann Larsen the culmination of nearly 25 years will end with her being the student speaker at the Idaho State University Winter Commencement. 

Larsen, who will be graduating in University Studies with minors in English and History, will speak at the ceremony Saturday, Dec. 18 at 10 a.m. in Holt Arena.
Her academic journey began in 1996. 
“If there is anything I would tell myself back then it would be to be kind to yourself and patient,” Larsen said. 
In between when she started her degree and now, she worked as a paralegal. Although she did not need her degree for her career it became important to her to finish. She called going to school her “expensive hobby.” 
Her love of school is indicative of her self-disciplined character. She loved the routine and goals that came along with being a student. Larsen is also a trail runner and throughout her time as a student she not only balanced career and academics but a rigid fitness regime. 
Graduation is not the end of Larsen’s academic journey. She plans to go on to graduate school next fall, but no matter what she knows she will be a lifelong learner who continues to push herself. 
While other students are turning in their final assignments, Larsen will be writing her commencement speech. 
“I hope that I can give everyone some wisdom,” she said. “It’s important to celebrate this achievement and commencement is such an important part of marking this moment.”


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