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Faculty Spotlight August 18

August 18, 2021

 At the close of the spring semester, we asked ISU students to give a shout-out to professors and instructors who have made an impact on their education and experience at ISU. Over the next few Issues of ROAR Weekly, we will highlight some of those professors and instructors in a “Professor Appreciation” series, as a thank you for all that they do to help our students achieve their academic goals. 

Tera Cole

Tera Cole is a compassionate professor who is driven to educate students in ways that challenge and motivate them. She provides thoughtful lessons along with compassion for her students. Cole is a challenging but fair professor.

“Students want to be challenged, but they want to be treated fairly and with respect,” she said. 

She strives for excellence in providing the best support she can for students. This year, Cole said she focused on helping students maintain their mental health as she taught. She took time to ensure that her students were well taken care of as she did the best that she could to accommodate them.

“I care about my students," she said. "In a sense they become a part of me. I’m not just here to get a paycheck. I’m here for students.” 


Phoebe Green

Phoebe Green is an instructor at the College of Technology who describes her motivation this way: “My main goal is to educate and help students succeed.”

Green loves seeing her students excelling in their college lives. She advises students to stay focused on their education and let go of petty things. 

“I wish they could see that all I want to do is help them succeed and feel heard,” She said. “I try my best to make them feel comfortable and accepted.” 


Paul Bodily

Paul Bodily’s motivation as an educator stems from his love for learning, along with the profound understanding that a teacher can make all the difference.

One of the things Bodily loves to do is make a challenging subject accessible. His drive as an ISU professor to bring harmony between accessibility and knowledge creates an optimal learning environment for students to grow their understanding of subjects. 

Bodily consistently challenges students to be the best they can. The challenge of learning is rewarding in itself, but Bodily aids the process by creating a place where students can feel validated, knowing that they are getting the best education possible.

“I hope students will come to class and ask questions so that they can see value in what they are learning. Learn like you will be teaching it,” he said. 




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