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College of Education Student and Professor Honored with AECT Presidential Awards

November 11, 2021

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) awarded Dr. John Curry, College of Education associate professor, and Rebeca Peacock, College of Education doctoral student, Presidential Awards for 2021.

AECT is an international organization that values diversity of thought, culture and people whose activities are directed toward improving learning. The Presidential Awards, according to AECT, “acknowledge the contributions and works to the organization and to the field at large.”

Curry serves as the Chair for the College of Education’s Organizational Learning and Performance Department and is an associate professor for the Instructional Design and Technology Masters and Doctoral programs. Rebeca Peacock is currently a doctoral candidate in the Educational Leadership, Instructional Design and Technology Concentration, Ed.D program.

As Peacock’s professor and mentor, Dr. Curry encouraged Peacock to first become involved in AECT by attending the 2019 AECT Convention. A

“I think one of the most exciting things as a graduate student is to have a faculty member invite you to engage in the scholarly side of the discipline," Peacock said. "Dr. Curry encouraged me to attend the 2019 AECT Convention and it was the catalyst that led to becoming involved in various association committees, becoming a 2020 Lee W. Cochran Intern, and ultimately receiving this award.”

AECT is the major international organization for instructional designers and professionals to collaborate and share their passion for finding better ways to help people learn. Both Curry and Peacock were honored by Xun Ge, current AECT Past-President and 2020 Convention planner, with AECT Presidential Awards in recognition of volunteering members and groups who contributed significantly to the success of the 2020 Virtual AECT Conference. In addition to receiving a Presidential Award, Dr. Curry gave six presentations at the 2021 AECT Conference including one titled “TechTrends 2016-2020: A Content Analysis” that Dr. Curry and Peacock presented jointly. In 2020, Dr. Curry was also awarded an AECT Presidential Award for his service and leadership in planning and executing the success of the 2019 AECT Convention. As former AECT President Michael M. Grant, and chair of the 2019 international convention, explained, “The successes of the convention — attendance, tone, events, and sessions — are a direct result of Dr. Curry’s tireless work and service.” 

Being active in major organizations such as AECT is a critical way for College of Education students and professors to exchange ideas, be international advocates in their field, and pave the way for innovative research and implementation in their respective disciplines. It is not only an incredible feat for a professor to be honored with a Presidential Award, but also a student. The College of Education is proud of both Dr. Curry and Rebeca Peacock for their incredible achievements in the field of Instructional Design and Technology.

“I am so grateful to have wonderful professors in this program to learn from and especially grateful to be Dr. Curry's advisee. His mentorship and encouragement has been invaluable and I am so glad I came to ISU,” Peacock said.   

To learn more about AECT, Dr. Curry and Rebeca Peacock’s awards, and the AECT convention, visit https://aect.org/.



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