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Summer Courses Update

May 1, 2020

As previously announced, all early summer courses, which include all early-4, early-6, early-8, and full-term summer courses, will be taught through distance-based instruction. Late summer courses will also be taught through distance-based instruction, with a few exceptions: 

  • CTE and clinical rotations courses are exempt, but require a health plan approved by ISU’s Course Scheduling Working Group in order to offer any face-to-face instruction.  
  • Additional courses may be considered for an exception if face-to-face instruction is crucial to the academic success of enrolled students. Departments should work with their college dean’s office and submit a written plan to Blake Beck, Operational Lead of ISU’s Course Scheduling Working Group, to be considered for an exception.


Fall 2020 

The ISU Course Scheduling Working Group has been formed to help ensure that the fall course schedule accommodates the many health and safety needs of our faculty and students. This Working Group will act with centralized scheduling authority to ensure that a range of instructional modes are implemented, appropriate social distancing for all venues is created, and contingency plans are developed. This Working Group will evaluate the entire Fall Course Schedule and make recommendations by May 29.



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