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Strengths- Where are we now?

January 30, 2020

Idaho State University has recently taken a major step towards building a strengths-based campus community, with the launch of monthly “Intro to StrengthsFinder” workshops open to all campus faculty and staff. Stated simply, the goal of building a strengths-based culture is to support each individual in knowing and developing individual talents to their maximum potential while leveraging differences and strengths in our colleagues to collectively deliver our best outcomes for students. 


The development of a strengths-based campus culture happens slowly and grows organically through self-awareness, a common language, and ongoing conversations. There is not a specific checklist for how a strengths-based culture is built, and we will define our own path to integrate this philosophy naturally within our campus culture, values, programs, policies, and processes.  It will be fun to see how this evolves! 


Let’s get nerdy.

To date, 278 of our ISU faculty and staff have completed the assessment and some level of initial results exploration. Thus far, our campus-wide “top 5” talent themes include Learner, Achiever, Input, Responsibility, and Relator. We love learning! Who would have guessed that? If you love data, click here to see a more detailed breakdown of these results.


What’s next?

Throughout 2020, look for strengths spotlights in ISU Today where specific talent themes will be highlighted and continued learning about strengths-based philosophy will be shared, and questions answered. We anticipate these features to be presented twice per month, on average. Also, watch for announcements as the development of resources, tools, and training related to strengths continues.


We want to hear from YOU!

As these campus strengths conversation begin, we want to know what questions you have, and how you are currently utilizing your strengths in your roles as faculty and staff.  For questions, comments, or to share your story, please email training@isu.edu.


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