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Researchers: share your ideas for pandemic-related research

April 6, 2020

ISU Researchers -

Many of you have expressed interest in pursuing new studies associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Office for Research supports these interests and strongly encourages you to investigate creative solutions to our most challenging problems.

All disciplines have the potential to make a contribution.  We need to document the transmission of COVID-19, improve health care in hospitals and clinics, manufacture supplies that are critically needed, identify best practices in governance, mitigate the economic recession, maintain our mental health while sheltering, revise our educational systems, and use our artistic talents to both entertain and record for future generations.  Whether the impact is local, statewide, or national - your work will make a difference in how we overcome the pandemic.

Several focus groups composed of ISU scholars with common interests have formed.  Through virtual meetings, they are sharing expertise and discussing collaboration to better address these critical needs.  To enhance communication and provide a framework for collaborative work, every ISU scholar is invited to go to this link and indicate their pandemic-related research interests or ideas.  Researchers can use this information to contact one another at any time. The Office for Research will, as needed, facilitate the formation of new focus groups and help to find resources in support of these efforts.  The sooner we are organized, the sooner we can make a difference.

Finally, as a service to the higher ed research community, Hanover Research has opened up their subscription Grant Alerts to the public, consolidating funding opportunities and news from grantmaking organizations (public and private) in response to COVID-19. The alerts break out the stimulus funding by agency, and they will be following that funding down to specific calls in the coming weeks. All are welcome to sign up, free of charge and without any additional spam. I strongly encourage you to sign up for the Hanover Research grant alert emails.



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