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Policy Updates

May 28, 2020

Policies with proposed changes are sent out periodically in ISU Today for faculty and staff comment. Current policies can be found at the policy website. Please contact Becky Robison with questions. robireb2@isu.edu Ext. 3442
Ongoing Updates

  • Several Athletics policies have been updated with current titles, authority lines, and procedures. These changes are non-substantive and are intended to provide clarity to the campus community. 
    • ISUPP 8020 - Athletics Personnel
    • ISUPP 8040 - Athletics Team Travel
    • ISUPP 8090 - Athletics Equipment Room
    • ISUPP 8110 - Athletics Strength and Conditioning Program
    • ISUPP 8130 - Athletics Training Room
    • ISUPP 8140 - Athletics Recruiting 
    • ISUPP 8150 - Athletics Practice Players
    • ISUPP 8160 - Athletics Practices, Competitions, and Facilities
    • ISUPP 8170 - Athletics Ethical Conduct
  • ISUPP 2470 IT Eletronic Messaging has been reviewed for deletion from the ISUPP catalog.   The policy has been determined to contain outdated information and is no longer necessary to maintain this information in official University policy.

 Policies in Revision Process:

  • 8070 - Athletics Academics 


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