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Phil Homan’s Research Featured on French Radio

February 18, 2020

Professor Philip Homan’s research on Kittie Wilkins, the Idaho Horse Queen, was featured on French radio station CFM Radio l’esprit Rock, La radio Nord Midi-Pyrénées. The 18-minute program “Kittie Wilkins, la reine des chevaux: Portrait d’une américaine tombée dans l’oubli” aired on September 18, 2019 <https://cfmradio.fr/podcast/kittie-wilkins-la-reine-des-chevaux/>.

CFM Radio Host Michel Clément interviewed Dr. Virginie Bauer, co-author of L’éducation du cheval dans la joie (Actes Sud, 2012). The episode was part of the CFM Radio program dedicated to horses, “Les messagers du cheval,” hosted by Bauer and Clément <https://cfmradio.fr/emissions/le-messager-du-cheval/>.

The podcast of the episode is available at <https://cfmradio.fr/player/?play=emission-em5641_podcast-92783>.

Homan is Instruction Librarian at the ISU Libraries and an equine historian.


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