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Malliga Och publishes special issues on conservative women in democracies

February 18, 2020

Together with Shauna Shames (Rutgers University Camden), Malliga Och (Department of Global Studies and Languages) has co-edited a special volume for the Journal of Women, Politics, and Policies entitled “Sell-Outs or Warriors for Change? A Comparative Look at Conservative Political Women in Democracies”. This special issue aims to explore some of the emerging research work on right-wing women across democratic countries. The compiled articles here demonstrate their skill, effort, and strategy in attempting to represent voters, advance party goals, and increase their numbers within party ranks. However, in many instances this work is unrecognized, undervalued, and unappreciated by voters, colleagues, and party leaders. Rightist women operate within systems that are not receptive to recognizing their group-based claims - organizing as right women - which makes it more difficult to gain allies and traction for their demands. The special issue brings together scholars from the United States, Europe, and Australia to better understand this underrepresented segment of the electorate and their representatives.


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