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Kellie Brown's research featured in online publication

June 15, 2020

An online industry publication highlighted the work of Kellie Brown, a PhD student in Experimental Psychology in their June 11 issue. Brown studies health and wellness in older adults. 
The spotlight, posted by GA International, gave Brown an opportunity to promote her research exploring how factors like aging beliefs and attitudes about aging correlate with physical and cognitive aspects of aging.
“I’ve always wanted to understand people and individual differences that make people behave in certain ways,” Brown told GA International. “This particular field grabbed my interest because I wanted to better understand why some people seem to age really well while others do not, even members of the same family.”
Brown explained how she uses a combination of physical activity monitoring, decision-making assessments, and questionnaires to measure how different factors contribute to health and wellness. Her initial results support the theory that positive views of aging benefit people’s cognitive aging.
Brown works in the Lab of Aging Science and Health under the supervision of Dr. Anna C. McCarrey. 


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