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Important Travel updates

March 12, 2020



In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) global outbreak, the University has followed guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and banned travel to affected countries. University guidelines will be regularly updated in the future, so faculty and staff are encouraged to check Idaho State’s coronavirus website prior to making travel plans.


In conjunction with Idaho State’s travel ban to affected countries, an additional approval step for all international travel pre-approval requests has been added in Chrome River. The following guidance is effective through May 31, 2020. Updates will be provided if the condition changes.


Things to keep in mind before booking future travel


  • Travel insurance does not cover epidemics or pandemics
  • Airlines are not refunding or vouchering for flights booked after the outbreak



Frequently Asked Questions for Travel


What do I do if the conference organizer cancels the conference/event I plan to attend due to COVID-19?

If you have prepaid expenses, immediately request reimbursement from the conference organizer and airline.

Personal Card:

  • File expense report to claim all expenses not reimbursed by the conference and/or airline.
  • Add a comment in Chrome River stating the reason for cancelation.
  • If the airline or conference organizer provides a voucher in lieu of a refund, please state that fact in Chrome River.  The traveler and travel approver are responsible to make sure to use vouchers for future ISU business travel. Be aware of voucher expiration dates.

Trip Advance:

  • Record the advance in the expense report to offset any requested expense reimbursement.
  • If you received an advance for the trip, contact the Travel Office for guidance on returning the advanced funds.
  • ISU Travel Card
  • Complete the Chrome River expense report ONLY after the conference organizer or airline has credited the card.
  • Make sure you enter credits and charges in the Chrome River expense report so they offset each other.
  • Add a comment that the trip was cancelled and why.
  • If the airline or conference organizer provides a voucher in lieu of refund, please state that fact in the comments.  The traveler and department approver are responsible to make sure to use vouchers for future ISU travel. Be aware of voucher expiration dates.



What if the organizer reschedules the conference or event to a later date?


  • Expire the existing Travel Pre-Approval in Chrome River.
  • Create a new Travel Pre-Approval for the rescheduled dates. If you have incurred out-of-pocket expenses, attach receipts and ask for an advance to cover those costs. If you used a University travel card for any costs, file for reimbursement after completing the trip.



What if I decide to cancel a planned trip due to my own personal risk assessment?

If you determine for health or other reasons that the trip is a risk and it is in your best interest not to travel at this time, the university will support your decision. 


  • Talk to your travel approver and/or supervisor to make them aware of any incurred costs associated with the trip you plan to cancel.  This will help account directors know that you may have incurred costs that will be charged to the department’s FY20 budget caused by your decision to cancel a planned trip.
  • Request refunds from conference organizers and airlines.
  • File an expense report and explain in the CR comment section the reason for trip cancellation. 
  • Enter in CR any credits provided by the airline and/or conference organizer to offset any incurred expense transactions.



If I charged a grant index on the pre-approval request, can I still use this index for expenses if I did not go on the planned trip?


  • Contact the Grant Accounting Office for help on this matter. Grant sponsors have different requirements.
  • If the grant does not allow the expenses, talk to your department head to resolve the matter.



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