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Faculty summer professional development opportunities

May 4, 2020

You survived the Spring 2020 term and the move to distance-based instruction.  Now you’d like to take the time to be proactive in designing your upcoming courses. You have an opportunity to build upon what you have learned and move forward at a pace and direction that works for you.

ISU adopted the Quality Matters Rubric as the standard for online course quality in 2012.  Whether you will be teaching asynchronously online, synchronously online, blended, or moving back into a classroom on campus, there are several professional development opportunities this summer to help you apply the Quality Matters Standards to your course.

The eISU Quality+ Program has a variety of options for you to develop or enhance your teaching skills for online learning.

These professional development opportunities are available to all faculty.

Let’s help you decide which option is best for you by focusing on what you would like to accomplish

I want to make sure my online course meets research-based standards for a quality course.

Sign up for the Quality+ Essentials.

The eISU Quality+ Essentials is designed to help you meet ALL 23 of the Essential Standards.  This process concludes with an in-depth review of your course.  This program is designed specifically for eISU courses (asynchronous online, synchronous online, or significantly online).  The program can be started at any time and on average takes 9-12 months to complete. 

A stipend is available upon completion ($4,000).

You can read more about the full program at the eISU Quality+ Program website.

I just want to take some professional development during the summer to help me improve my distance-based courses.

Select the “Just doing Professional Development option” in the Quality+ Program Registration.

If you don’t have time to commit to the Quality+ Essentials right now you can sign-up for a couple of professional development workshops from Quality Matters.

All workshops are offered online so you can stay safe and at home.  You can choose from a range of workshops to focus on your specific goals. 

We strongly recommend the Teaching Online with Moodle ISU (this is taught by our ISU Instructional Design Partners) which covers a wide range of best practices in online teaching, learning more about Moodle ISU tools, and the development of an alignment map to ensure that you are focusing your course design on the outcomes for your course. 

Professional development workshops from Quality Matters will help you hone your online teaching skills, improve the design of your online or blended course, evaluate the design of your course, orient your learners to your course, create accessible course materials, design online assessments, or create presence in the online environment.

A stipend ($1,000) is available upon completion of a summer professional development plan.

As a bonus, when you are ready to sign-up for the Quality+ Essentials, these workshops can count towards your requirements.

I just need help right now.

Schedule a one-hour consultation with an instructional designer to discuss your course development goals. An instructional designer can help you…

  • Redesign in-class assignments for online.
  • Create assessments.
  • Learn more about a specific Moodle tool (e.g., book, lesson, workshop, etc.)
  • Develop rubrics.
  • Make grading more efficient.
  • Improve activity settings in Moodle.
  • Identify technologies to accomplish ______.
  • Brainstorm different ways to approach the content.
  • Create accessible course materials (e.g. captioning, alt-text, readable PDFs, etc.)
  • Discuss ways to improve a week, unit, or module.
  • Identify techniques to engage students in Zoom.
  • Import content, including questions from a publisher.
  • ...and much more.


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