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Announcing the December Be a Bengal Winners

January 30, 2020

Each month, Idaho State University awards four employees who have been nominated for extraordinary efforts in one of the four themes of our campus culture — trust, stability, compassion and hope. From all nominees, one employee in each category is chosen to receive a $25 Visa gift card. Below are the December winners: 
Cheryl Sebold  -   Library  -   Compassion 
Virginia Barnett   -  General Studies   -  Hope  
Sam Hiatt  -   IF Facilities  -   Stability  
Michael Alvord  -   College of Technology  -   Trust

Congratulations to all who were nominated in December!

Cheryl Sebold  -   Library  -   Compassion

Travis Nelson   -  Custodial  -   Compassion

Virginia Barnett  -   General Studies  -  Compassion

Curtis Jones   -  Registrar  -   Compassion

Colten Trumbull  -   Cashiers Office   - Compassion

Kris Clarkson   -  Student Affairs   -  Compassion

Holly Kartchner  -  Arts & Letters   -  Hope

Men's Basketball Coaches   -   Athletics   -  Hope

Virginia Barnett   -  General Studies   -  Hope

Carly Becker   -  Treasure Valley Anatomy and Physiology Lab   -  Stability

April Peterson  -   Polytechnic Institute  -   Stability

Sam Hiatt  -   Idaho Falls Facilities  -   Stability

Lorie Kalivas   -  Chemistry   -  Trust

Michael Alvord  -   COT  -   Trust

Laura Woodworth-Ney  -   Academic Affairs   -  Trust


Would you like to nominate an employee for their extraordinary service? Visit https://www.isu.edu/beabengal/ for more information. 


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