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Student Assistance Guide

February 10, 2020

 Each semester, the Office of Student Affairs receives calls from faculty and staff requesting resources to aid in supporting and referring students of concern. In response, we have created a Student Assistance Guide, an easy-to-use resource you can consult while assisting students in crisis, especially when the student is still in your office. Throughout the year, you can add updates and important announcements to the folder. We have also made the folder available online and in a printable PDF version:

I would also like to take this opportunity to feature the Office of Student Care and Assistance and the Care Team. Student Care and Assistance is a unit within the Office of the Dean of Students.  The members of this unit are ready to step in when students encounter emergency or crisis situations—such as prolonged illness, hospitalization, a death in the family, or other incidents—and their ability to participate is severely compromised. Student Care and Assistance coordinates efforts among campus partners to assist students in accessing resources, overcoming challenges, and getting back on the path to success. The Care Team, comprised of faculty and staff from across campus, supports students who are at an even greater risk by consulting with faculty and staff, reaching out to students, or arranging meetings for students to discuss options with faculty and staff. To contact the Care Team, call (208) 282-2794. 

No matter the challenge or the issue, we are here for you.