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Idaho Police Academy (POST) began at Idaho State University

January 16, 2020

   Governor Brad Little proclaimed Tuesday, January 7, 2020 as Idaho Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) Day.  January marks 50 years for the Idaho POST Academy, but you may be asking yourself, how does this connect with Idaho State University?
        In 1969, Idaho passed a House Bill establishing an Idaho Peace Officers Standardized Training academy and on January 4, 1970, Idaho conducted its first Post Academy for 32 students at Idaho State University in Pocatello. This was the first time Idaho set the standards of training for their city, county and state officers.  The first academy started with three staff members and a budget of $50,000.  Since then POST has trained more than 14,000 officers and currently has 31 staff members operating on a $4.5 million budget.  Approximately 3 – 4 years after the start of POST it was required that all Idaho Officers must attend a POST Academy to be a sworn officer in the state, with no grandfather clause to this requirement.
       In 1980, POST moved from ISU in Pocatello to Clinton Street in Boise,  and then to its current location at 700 S Stratford, Meridian where it is located on 43 acres and it houses most of the branches of state law enforcement, two POST training buildings, dormitory, driving track and cafeteria. The POST Academy conducts basic training and certifies peace officers from around the state in nine disciplines (Patrol, Detention, Emergency Communications, Corrections, Felony Probation and Parole, Adult Misdemeanor Probation, Juvenile Correction, Juvenile Detention, and Juvenile Probation).  Officers receive Basic Certification upon graduation and can obtain additional certifications (Intermediate, Advanced and Master) with additional training hours, college hours, and years of employment in the field.  Other certifications are obtained in various positions, i.e. supervisor and detectives.
     Throughout the last 50 years, the Idaho POST academy has made great strides to improve their training to produce some of the best professional police officers in the nation.  Idaho POST was the first to put cameras in their classrooms to evaluate their instructors.  An Idaho officer must score 10 points higher than the national average to qualify with a weapon.  Training includes a variety of areas including State Laws, Crisis Intervention, Crime Prevention, Community Policing and many more. During Governor Little’s address, he quoted the Ethical Decisions “Am I acting out of anger, lust, greed or peer pressure?  Would my loved ones be proud or ashamed?  Is it worth my job, career, and reputation?  Is my choice legal” that is impressed upon all officers at the academy.  Gov. Little stated that these decision are decisions that he, as Governor, and all individuals should be basing their actions on.
        For those who might be interested in a career in Law Enforcement the primary POST Academy is located in Meridian Idaho.  Colleges also offering academies include Idaho State University, College of Western Idaho, College of Southern Idaho and North Idaho College.


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