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Student Travel Guidance Update

November 16, 2020

All non-essential travel is not allowed due to COVID-19. Exemptions for the following types of student travel are provided below. Requests to the respective offices should include the following information: 

  1. Name of traveler/(s) 
  2. Faculty/staff member sponsor  
  1. Date of travel 
  2. Location of travel 
  1. Mode of transport (airline, car, etc) 
  2. Justification of the essential nature of travel 


Student Life Travel 

Student travel related to student organizations should be approved by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. Requests can be submitted to: 


Valerie Davids

Student Activities Coordinator

 (208) 282-3451


Study Abroad and National Student Exchange

Student travel for exchange programs such as Study Abroad and National Student Exchange will be reviewed and approved by the offices administering the exchange program in partnership with Student Affairs. 


For Study Abroad, please contact:

Kirby Sholette

International Programs Office

(208) 282-4213


For National Student Exchange, please contact:

Amber Greening

Career Services

(208) 282-1328



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