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REMINDER: COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form

October 27, 2020

Every member of the Idaho State University campus community, including students, who (1) may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, who (2) have close contact with an individual who has COVID-19, or who (3) test positive for COVID-19, should complete the online self-reporting form. Reporting these situations will greatly help the University to manage COVID-19 illnesses on our campus. Your information will be kept confidential.
Complete the online self-reporting form in any of these situations:
  • You are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
  • You had close contact with an individual who has COVID-19
  • You test positive for COVID-19

If you were on campus or in class–even online courses–while having symptoms or 72 hours prior to developing symptoms, you should also notify your instructors of any areas on campus where you had close contact with others. Your instructors will work with the COVID-19 Health Committee and local health district for any needed contact tracing and notification. 

As a reminder, any COVID-19 symptom is assumed to be due to COVID-19 until a medical professional determines otherwise. If you are symptomatic, test positive, or are tested and awaiting results, please do not go to class. Stay home to self-isolate, and contact your instructors right away. If you are living in a campus residence, please also contact your RA immediately.

To self-isolate, separate yourself from others. This includes separating yourself from others in your residence if possible. You can do so by using a separate bedroom and bathroom, wearing a cloth face covering when in any area outside of your seperate room, avoiding being within 6 feet of others for more than a brief passing, and avoiding the use of shared utensils and household items. If you live in a campus residence, special procedures and spaces are in place to ensure you can be safely isolated, and the Housing staff will ensure you have access to food, medical care, and other support.

During self-isolation, you may not go to stores, restaurants, gyms, classes, social gatherings, athletic events, or to any other public places. You may go outside by yourself to walk or get activity as long as you do not come within six feet of others. You should wear a face covering when coming in contact with others, including in your residence.  

Instructors, staff, and other students who had close contact with confirmed or suspected COVID cases will be notified accordingly and provided instructions.