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May Disaster Preparedness Tip - Landslides

April 29, 2019

May 2019 Disaster Preparedness Tip – Landslides/Mudslides:  We are entering May, the beginning of Spring with flowers blooming, warmer weather, and sunshine.  Who would be thinking about disasters with all this nice Spring weather?
THE ANSWER: We all should be if we live on or near a mountain, lake, river or stream.  If you plan on camping, hiking, or just  driving in or near  these areas, you should be thinking of disasters - namely landslides, mudslides and/or floods.
During the month of May, the weather may be warmer, but it will also cause a more rapid snow melt in the mountains, which causes dam controllers to release more water, which ultimately causes rivers to rise near, at, or above flood stage.  There is still a chance for many rainy days and thunderstorms causing rivers, lakes, and streams to rise as well as flash flooding in dry riverbeds.  This also causes landslides and mudslides especially in areas where the soil has eroded, or where wild fires have destroyed plant life on a hillside.
Public Safety is not trying to scare or dissuade you from getting out in nature and enjoying yourself. However, you and your family need to prepare yourselves for what could happen.  Make an emergency kit for your home and car, survey the area before setting up your campsite, learn how to read the clouds, and learn the warning signs of a landslide or mudslide. 
Don’t get caught off guard. Be prepared!
Go online to www.fema.gov for more information on disasters, and learn how you can take safety precautions for this time of year.  Please stop by the Disaster Preparedness Tables at ISU campuses to learn more. 
Don’t let disasters ruin your summer vacation!


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