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ISU's Northwest Center for Fluency Disorders runs its sixth annual intensive stuttering clinic.

August 5, 2019

ISU's Northwest Center for Fluency Disorders is running its sixth annual intensive stuttering clinic through August 10 in Pocatello.

The clinic, which began July 29, is a unique collaboration between the departments of speech pathology, counseling, and psychology. The clinic combines speech-language therapy alongside counseling delivered through an interprofessional treatment team. Each client will work with one second-year graduate student in speech-language pathology and counseling throughout the two-week clinic using an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework. 

The clinic is nationally recognized for its efforts in combining holistic care for clients who stutter. In addition, the clinic serves as a leading resource for interprofessional education. No other stuttering clinic in the world is infusing counseling and speech-language therapy, making the clinic a one of a kind resource situated right here at ISU. 

Members of the ISU family and residents of Pocatello may have previously interacted with our clients and clinicians. During the clinic, our clients go out to generalize real-world speaking situations to practice their speech-language interventions. You may recognize us by our gray or orange t-shirts advertising the clinic in the community and on campus. Please feel free to come up to us and introduce yourself. We encourage our clinicians and clients to spread awareness about stuttering and share local resources with community members. 

Currently, over 3 million Americans stutter, amounting to 1% of the population. Stuttering appears to have a family connection, people who have family members who stutter are more likely to stutter themselves. If you would like to learn more about stuttering or our clinic, please visit our website http://www.northwestfluency.org



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