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College of Business Dean, Dean of the Graduate School, and Vice President for Research Search Committees

The Office of Academic Affairs is in the process of searching for a College of Business Dean, Graduate School Dean, and a Vice President for Research. This is an especially important time for ISU moving forward. Below, you will find a list of chairs/co-chairs and committee members for searches. 
Please join Executive Vice President and Provost Laura Woodworth- Ney in recognizing and thanking everyone who has agreed to serve on these committees. 
If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 208 282-2171.

College of Business Dean Search 
Chair – Dr. Alex Bolinger  – Marketing & Management 
Co-chair – Mr. Scott Scholes  – Enrollment Management 

Joe Dobbins – ICCU Marketing Strategist 
Mark Arstein – College of Business Administrative Offices
Bob Houghton – College of Business Administrative Offices 
Emily Jahsman – Career Center 
Kenneth Khang – Finance & Economics
Dawn Konicek – Accounting
Kristine McCarty – Graduate Studies
Ray Rodriguez – Accounting 

Graduate Dean Search
Chair – Dr. Paul Link – Geosciences 
Co-Chair – Dr. Karen Wilson Scott – Interim Graduate School Dean

Randy Astramovich- Division of Health Sciences

Nancy Devine- Division of Health Sciences

Anelise Farris – Student Member
Yu Chen – College of Science & Engineering

Ali Habashi - Division of Health Sciences

Matthew Levay – College of Arts & Letters
Greg Murphy – College of Business
Rebecca Hale – College of Science & Engineering
Susan Tavernier – Division of Health Sciences 
Kevin Marsh – College of Arts & Letters
Robin Lindbeck – College of Education 
Hossein Mousavinezhad – College of Science & Engineering
Dong Xu – Division of Health Sciences




Vice President for Research Search
Chair – Dr. Maria Wong – College of Arts & Letters
Co-Chair – Dr. Kathy Hildebrand – College of Education 

Sara Halm – Student Member
Michele Brumley – College of Arts & Letters
Alan Johnson – College of Arts & Letters
Diana Livinston-Friedley – College of Arts & Letters
Andrew Holland – College of Arts & Letters
Marvin Schulte – Division of Health Sciences 
Joanne Tokle – College of Business
Debbie Ronneburg – College of Technology
Colden Baxter – College of Science & Engineering 
Bryan Gee – Division of Health Sciences 
Glenn Thackray – Faculty Senate Representative for the College of Science & Engineering 
Dani Dunstan – Office of the President 


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