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Policy Updates

October 28, 2019

Idaho State University is making changes to the policy-making process with the goal to develop a more inclusive and transparent process. The policy office will work to develop mission and student-centric policies in close collaboration with faculty, staff and students. 

Policies with proposed changes will sent out periodically in ISU Today for faculty and staff comment. Currently policies can be found at the policy website.  (https://www.isu.edu/policy/)


Policies in Revision Process:

  • ISUPP 1010 Policy on Policies
  • ISUPP 5000 Student Code of Conduct
  • ISUPP 4000 Academic Integrity/Dishonesty


New Policies Under Development:

  • Official Student Absence Policy
  • Environmental Health and Safety 


Approved Policy Revisions:

  • ISUPPs 2000, 2380, and 2390 regarding Travel: Updated to reflect new travel approval process. Unit Business Officer Approval is no longer required. 
  • ISUPP 2280: Updated to remove reference to FAC codes
  • ISUPP 5020: Updated list of communicable diseases


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