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ISU Women's Club seeking members

October 14, 2019

All are invited to join the ISU Women's Club. Members don't need to work at ISU to be in the club, so community members are welcome. The ISU Women's Club was established in 1923 as a way for women affiliated with ISU to promote friendship and assist in the growth and improvement of the University. 

The club is well known for Ladies Night Out and the Holiday Craft  Fair, where we raise money for scholarships.  The club has awarded over  $265,000 to nearly 215 students. The ISU Women's Club also hosts nterest groups that bring people together for movies, cards, exercise, reading, and more.

Members will be invited to participate in all club activities, be listed in the annual member directory, and be helping ISU students! Those under 80 years old only pay $20, women over 80 are not required to pay for membership.
Please fill out the form to join. To be included in the member directory, please register by Nov. 2. 

Send your check, made payable to ISU Women's Club to:
ISU Women's Club
921 S 8th Ave, Stop 8239


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