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Idaho State University Staff Ombuds Program - Call for Nominations

October 31, 2019

Do you like to problem solve? Are you a good listener? The ISU Ombuds Committee is looking for willing staff members to become a part of the ISU Ombuds team!  We are calling for nominations to serve as a university staff Ombuds. The term will be for two years and will begin in January 2020. The selected Ombuds will join a group of current Ombuds who meet monthly for training and group discussions. 
What is an Ombuds and what do they do? An Ombuds is a resource to assist faculty and staff with informal problem solving activities on campus. Based upon models from several other universities with successful programs, and best practices from the International Ombuds Association, we launched the ISU Ombuds program four years ago. This program was created to support core principles and standards of practice. See the attached general program guidelines for further information about the program.
What are the Operating Principles of an Ombuds as identified by the International Ombuds Association? 
  • Informality - all university Ombuds practice on a voluntary basis. 
  • Confidentiality - visitors can expect that visits with an ISU Ombuds are confidential except for cases of imminent harm to self or others, sexual assault or sexual harassment, or illegal activities. The Ombuds office is not an office of notice.
  • Independence - ISU Ombuds are free from outside interference, retaliation, or influence of others outside of the Ombuds Program.
  • Neutral - ISU Ombuds are neutral and impartial. ISU Ombuds are not advocates for the visitor or the university
Selection of Ombuds: Ombuds are selected through a process which seeks individuals willing and able to fulfill the Standards of Practice of the International Ombuds Association and have proven themselves to be leaders and mentors in their respective roles on campus.
Appointment: Ombuds shall be appointed by the President for a two-year term, which may be renewable following the nomination/application and review process of the Ombuds Coordinator. 
How can I apply to become an ISU Ombuds? Nominees are encouraged to submit an application form, which includes nomination and application procedures, to your supervisor by Nov.15.  All employees interested in serving as an Ombuds will be asked to complete the enclosed ISU Ombuds Program application for the review and consideration of the employee's respective management chain, up to and including their Vice President. In considering applications, each Vice President may confer with any management teams or Staff Council as needed. Upon approval by the respective Vice President, completed applications will be forwarded to the Ombuds Coordinator for final consideration and appointment with the Office of the President. Nominations not signed by the supervisor and/or Vice President will be returned for proper signatures in order to be considered for the Ombuds role. For more information, and for an application, visit https://www.isu.edu/ombud/


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