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eISU's Quality+ Program highlighted in the Quality Matters Newsletter

November 25, 2019

Idaho State University’s eISU Quality+ Program was highlighted in the international Quality Matters newsletter on Wednesday, Nov.20.

ISU adopted QM as the standard for quality online courses based on a recommendation from a Faculty Committee in 2012.  The Quality+ Program combines the 10 recommendations from that committee. In fall 2017, all recommendations were rolled into the eISU Quality+ Program

ISU has joined the ranks of institutions from around the world with a QM Certified course in September 2019. Dawn Lattin, Senior Lecturer in the English and Philosophy Department received official QM Certification for her ENGL 1102 Critical Reading and Writing online course.  An official QM Course Review is conducted by three Certified Peer Reviewers including a subject matter expert and at least one reviewer external to the institution. The QM Rubric is a research-backed set of criteria for the design of online courses.  The QM Rubric, used nationwide and in other countries around the world, is described as the gold standard for online courses. This QM Certification for Professor Lattin’s course is a high honor and represents her commitment to providing quality learning experiences for her students. This achievement prompted interest in what ISU has been doing to implement QM and provide quality online courses for students.
Over 100 faculty and instructors have registered for the eISU Quality+ Program with 24 completing the Quality+ Essentials, 1 completing Quality+ Certification, and 2 completing the Quality+ Online Delivery.


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