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Department of Counseling awards and presentation at the 2019 Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference

October 28, 2019

At the 2019 ACES Conference in Seattle, Washington, October 10-14, 2019, four doctoral students, Beverly J. Hines, Anna James-Krzemieniecki, Brianna Scott, and Edson Andrade received the ACES Research Grant Award for "Lived Experiences of Doctoral Students Involved in Master’s Students’ Remediation".

Faculty and doctoral students presented the following 19 sessions:

A Framework for Promoting Empowerment and Engagement of Male Supervisees In the Supervisory Relationship
Doctoral students Edson Andrade, Masters Degree, Lindsdale Graham, Masters Degree.

How to support first-generation, Latinx graduate students in counseling
Doctoral Student Edson Andrade, MS.

Still: Sexist Microaggressions in CES and Suggestions for Reduction
Professor Elizabeth Horn, PhD; LPC.

A Grounded theory Analysis of Counselor Educators Decision Making During Admission Interviews: An Exploration of the Process and Mental Heuristics
Associate Professor Chad Yates, PhD; LPC.

Ethical and Effective Remediation Practices with Students Struggling to Counsel Members of the LGBTQ+ Community Due to a Faith-Based Values Conflict: A Delphi Study
Professor Elizabeth Horn, PhD; LPC.

Becoming a Gatekeeper: A Grounded Theory Study
Associate Professor Steve Moody, EdD; LPC.

Group Work Strategies to Transform Hate and Facilitate Courageous Conversations in Counselor Education & Supervision
Assistant Professor Christian Chan, PhD; NCC.

The Pen and The Sword: Academic Writing Instruction for Master’s Counseling Students
Associate Professor Randall Astramovich, PhD; PhD; LPC.

Culturally Responsive Supervision Practices of University Supervisors
Assistant Professor Christian Chan, PhD; NCC.

Can You Hear Me Now? Exploring Deafhood in Counselor Education
Department Chair & Professor David Kleist, PhD.

Previous Journeys: Supporting Counselor Development of Students with Varying Work Experiences
Doctoral Candidate Timothy Hakenewerth, Masters Degree; LPC (ID, MO); NCC.

Pedagogical Implications for Sexual Assault Stigma: Rape Myth Acceptance Amoung Counselors-in-Training
Doctoral Candidate Camille Frank, Masters Degree; LPC (ID); NCC.

Exploring the Experiences of Gay Male Counselor Educators
Associate Professor Randall Astramovich, PhD; LPC.

The forgotten “S” in ACES: An interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Simultaneous Supervision
Doctoral Candidates William Lane, Masters Degree; MCOUN; LPC; NCC, Camille Frank, Masters Degree; MCOUN; LPC; NCC, Timothy Hakenewerth, Masters Degree; EDS; LPC; NCC, Tessa Price, Masters Degree; MA; LCPC

Doctoral Advising as a Multigenerational Process
Department Chair and Professor David Kleist, PhD.

Teaching Counseling Students about Theories and Etiology of Addiction and Addictive Behaviors: Exploring a Multimodal Explanation of Addiction
Doctoral Student Brianne Scott, Masters Degree, Associate Professor Chad Yates, PhD; LPC

Talk-In-Interaction: Enriching Counselor Education Research Through Conversation Analysis
Associate Professor Steve Moody, PhD; LPC

Using Item Response Theory to Test Questions Upon a Masters Level Counseling Comprehensive Examination: An Exploration of Test Items on the Counselor Education Comprehensive Examination
Associate Professor Chad Yates, PhD; LPC, Doctoral Student Katie Sacco, Masters Degree; LPC; NCC, Doctoral Candidate William Lane, Masters Degree; LPC; NCC 

Advocacy Evaluation: A Methodological Framework for Social Justice and Advocacy Research in Counseling
Associate Professor Randall Astramovich, PhD; LPC, Doctoral Students Olivia Ngadjui, Masters Degree; LPC, Kalin Morley, Masters Degree; LPC, Linsdale Graham, Masters Degree, Anna James Krzemieniecki, Masters Degree; LPC


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