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ISU has awarded $14 million to new incoming fall 2018 freshman Idaho students

April 20, 2018

Photo of two students at a Freshman March.
More students from across the state of Idaho, who have been admitted for Fall 2018, will have the opportunity to attend ISU on merit scholarship than ever before.

POCATELLO – Idaho State University is giving more than $14 million in Idaho Resident four-year recruitment, Step Ahead and Honors Scholarships to more than 2,500 new, incoming Idaho students who are admitted to enter ISU fall 2018. 

“The amount of money that Idaho State University gives to Idaho students is substantial and our numbers are up in scholarship offers compared to previous years,” said Debbie Green, ISU director of scholarships.  “We want these Idaho students to come to Idaho State University, graduate and, eventually, work in Idaho. ISU invests in Idaho students.”

These scholarships are available to any new, first-time, incoming freshmen who are graduating from an Idaho high school or equivalent and who have applied to ISU by Feb. 15 with at least a 3.0 unweighted grade point average and/or 20 or greater ACT composite  (1020 SAT). Home-schooled students or students who have received their GEDs in state are eligible for consideration if they have an ACT or SAT score on record.

“We’ve awarded these incoming freshman scholarships to students from 147 different high schools in the state,” Green said. “They’ve been given to students from small schools and big schools.”

These incoming scholarships are awarded annually for four years as long as recipients meet the requirements of the program. Details on the program are located online at

Dollar amounts awarded annually range from four years of full tuition for Tier One students who have 4.0 GPAs and exceptional SAT or ACT scores, to Tier Five students with 3.0 GPAs and lower SAT or ACT scores who receive a Bengal Incremental Scholarship.  Tier 2-4 range from $1,000 per year to $4,000 per year depending on where a student falls on the awarding index using their GPA and highest ACT or SAT score as of the deadline.  The amounts awarded are based on ISU’s Idaho Award Index located online at

“We are very competitive compared to other state institutions when it comes to the amount we offer, when it comes to four-year scholarships,” Green said.  Students have until May 1 to accept their four-year offer(s).

Students Step Ahead Scholarships of $1,000 additional dollars are available to new incoming first-time Idaho Resident students who have graduated from an Idaho high school or equivalent and have taken college credits while in high school. “This is an added incentive for high school students to encourage them to take college credits during high school, and then admit to ISU post high-school,” said Debbie Green.

The Idaho Resident Awards and Step Ahead Scholarships are in addition to need-based scholarships and other scholarships that are available at ISU through the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS). 

“We have a lot of very generous donors that give to ISU students,” said Green.  Deadlines in BOSS vary depending on the specific scholarship.