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ISU Hearing Clinic Accepting Patients

January 11, 2019

ISU Hearing Clinic is accepting new patients, and offering $200 off the price of hearing aids. 

At Idaho State University Hearing Clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional education for our students as well as outstanding care for our patients. As a nonprofit clinic, our mission is not to just sell hearing aids, but rather to provide holistic hearing health care. Hearing loss tends to develop gradually and many people are unaware of a problem.

All ISU Hearing Clinic staff audiologists are doctors of audiology who are dedicated to diagnosing and treating those seeking hearing care in our community. We take into account the needs of each individual and utilize state-of-the-art technology.
During a visit, patients may find our students assisting with their care; this unique combination of patient care and focus on education allows our patients to gain more knowledge regarding the details of their care.
If you schedule a visit during spring semester for yourself or a family member, you can take advantage of $200 off the price of hearing aids. You may schedule an appointment by calling (208) 282-3495.


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