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Idaho State University seeks input on proposed Strategic Plan vision statement

November 29, 2016

Idaho State University invites members of the public to share feedback and comments regarding the 2018-2022 University Strategic Plan’s proposed vision statement. The proposed vision statement will guide University decisions for the next five years.


A poster outlining the vision statement.The proposed vision statement is: “Idaho State University is the university of choice for tomorrow’s leaders, creatively connecting communities, ideas and opportunities.”

The vision statement was developed by the ISU Strategic Planning Working Group, composed of approximately 50 ISU faculty, staff, students and community stakeholders. Public comments related to the proposed vision statement will be accepted until Dec. 15.

Additional background about the vision statement and a graphic are included below.

Comments are being accepted via email to ieac@isu.edu.  ISU staff and faculty members may also contact their college or division’s strategic planning representatives by following the link from ISU’s Strategic Planning web page at isu.edu/strategicplan.

Additionally, ISU’s Faculty Senate representatives and Staff Council representatives will also collect comments.





The working group members describe their thoughts behind the development of the proposed vision statement:

  • We believe ISU can become the university of choice not just for students but also faculty and staff.

  • We sought a vision that focuses on a culture of leadership. ISU aspires to educate leaders; ISU’s faculty and staff aspire to be leaders within ISU and in their fields.     

  • As a university, we will establish internal and external connections using creative, novel techniques that go beyond the standard approaches.

  • The success of three focal points: “communities, ideas and opportunities,” rely on the connections that ISU helps establish between them. The arrows point both directions.

    • Communities have social and economic concerns. ISU will help address these through generating innovative ideas and connecting communities to the the right opportunities.

    • Opportunities would never exist without the communities’ need or the generation of ideas. The opportunities and connections created through interaction will assist ISU’s continual development as a teaching and research institution.

  • ISU aspires to offer new opportunities and ideas to communities in our service region, helping them prosper socially and economically, leading to the creation of formidable, lasting partnerships.