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ISU Idaho Mom Study seeks participants in third trimester of pregnancy

May 22, 2015
ISU Marketing and Communications

The Idaho State University Idaho Mom Study is seeking 60-80 pregnant women in their third trimester to examine women’s experiences during pregnancy and how they may relate to the growth and behavior of their infants.

The study’s full title is “Idaho Mom Study: Infant Development and Healthy Outcomes in Mothers” and is directed by Nicki Aubuchon-Endsley, ISU associate professor of psychology within the Department of Psychology’s Perinatal Psychobiology Laboratory.

“A woman’s experiences during pregnancy may impact her infant’s development as well as her adjustment into motherhood, making an understanding of this time period important,” Aubuchon-Endsley said. “Therefore, the study is designed to examine how participants’ experiences during pregnancy influence the growth and behavior of their babies.”

These experiences include pregnancy-related changes such as weight, body size, diet, mood, medical regimen and health in addition to experiences during childbirth. Researchers will follow up with participants and their infants six months after birth.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older, before 37 weeks gestation, and fluent in English. Participants will receive up to $75 and students may receive an additional one credit for each half hour of participation toward relevant ISU courses.

This research will have the potential to inform prenatal education and interventions, leading to improvements in maternal and offspring health.

For more information call the Idaho Mom Study, 208-380-1140 or email idahomom@isu.edu.


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