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ISU Graduate Student Research Day winners announced

March 31, 2015
ISU Marketing and Communications

Idaho State University Graduate School has announced the winners of the 2015 Graduate Student Research Day held in late March.

“We had excellent turnout for this year’s Graduate Student Research Day,” said Tracy Collum, associate dean, for the Graduate School. “We are pleased to announce the winners from a field of strong entries in both categories.”

Students at poster session. Each student had a specific informative topic they either presented on or designed a poster around. The oral presentation consisted of many different themes, Pedagogy and Writing in Multiple Modes, Psychology and Health, History and Society, Natural Science and Environment Studies, Narrative and Analysis and Pedagogy and Online Tools.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to present on my master’s thesis research and to represent the history department to the wider scholarly community at ISU. The presentations were impressive and inspiring,” said participant and winner, Kristine Hunt. “This experience will be very helpful when it comes time to defend my thesis in spring 2016. I look forward to attending Graduate Student Research Day in the years to come.”

There were 42 poster and 32 oral presentations given.

Oral presentation winners are listed below.

• Pedagogy and Writing in Multiple Modes, Amy Brumfield won for “The Mathematical Model of Writing.”

• Psychology and Health, Christopher DeCou, Trevor Cole, Shannon Lynch, Kathleen Matthews and Maria Wong won for “Assault-Related Shame Mediates the Association between Reactions to Social Disclosure and Psychological Distress.”

• The History and Society winner was Kristine Hunt, for “Bungalows and Occupation: Pocatello, 1900-1930.”

• Natural Science and Environmental Studies winner was Ashelee Rasmussen, for

“Creating a Digital Interface for Botanical Resources.”

• Narrative and Analysis winner was Kelly Ricken, for “The Writing Cure and WWI Dream Poetry.”

• Pedagogy and Online Tools winner was Danae Romrell for “The Multidimensional Instructional Efficiency of Worked Examples.”

The poster themes consisted of Pedagogy, Politics, and Praxis, Research across the Sciences, Biological and Environmental Studies, Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health, People’s Choice Award – Poster Symposium.

Poster winners are listed below.

• Pedagogy, Politics, and Praxis winner was Teresa Borrenpohl, for “Borrowing for the Future: Student Perceptions of Lending Commitment.”

• Research across the Sciences winners were, Jennifer McDonald and Tera Letzring for “Another Look at Visibility: Accuracy of Judging Personal Values and Personality Traits.”

• Biological and Environmental Studies winners were Stephanie Zorio, Charles Williams and Ken Aho, “65 Years of Vegetation Change in the East River Basin, Colorado.”

• Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health winners were, Robert Hanson, John Gilmer and Jean Pfau, “Asbestos-Induced Pleural Fibrosis Involves Autoantibody-Mediated Protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation Pathway.”

• People’s Choice Award-Poster Symposium winners were, Maria Pacioretty, Elizeth Cinto Mejia, Keith Reinhardt, Jesse Barber and Marie-Anne de Graff for “The Phantom Gas Field Project: Evidence of Physiological Responses of Sagebrush Due to Human Noise-Induced Changes in Arthropod Herbivory.”


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