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I Chose: Seth Spencer

April 14, 2015

Seth Spencer said he chose Idaho State University because it was close to his family and to the mountains, rivers and forests that influence his art.

“I wanted to be fairly close in proximity to where I grew up because my family is very important to me,” said Spencer. “I also just thought that ISU was more inviting than other colleges. The other places I was looking at had strict codes on lifestyle, and as an artist, freedom of expression and individuality are paramount.”

Spencer, who grew up in Idaho Falls and graduated from Skyline High School in 2011, is a senior fine arts major at ISU.

“I felt like what really sets ISU apart is that this school is what you make of it. When you work hard and take your education seriously you can find yourself surrounded by teachers and fellow students who have similar mindsets,” said Spencer.

He has also been very impressed with the caliber of ISU’s art professors.

“I have nothing but respect for them,” he said “Being around people I admire is a great drive to better myself.”

Spencer plans to be a studio artist after he graduates, or maybe work in a gallery or museum. After he is satisfied with his portfolio, Spencer would like to further his education in New York, Chicago, London or Amsterdam.

“I want to be contributing to the human narrative through my work for the rest of my life,” said Spencer.

Spencer was also the winner of the ISU holiday card contest. His painting, featuring Christmas tree spherical ornaments with ISU landmarks on them, won the $1,000 prize and appeared on the University holiday card sent to University family members and supporters.

“I am very pleased that I won. I am also glad that I could contribute to the school’s image through my work,” Spencer said.


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